Mount kenya Climbing Expeditions Over View

mount kenya giant lobeliaMount Kenya is the country's highest mountain and second highest mountain In Africa. The mountain is located in central highland of Kenya a driving distance of two and half hours from Nairobi. The base of the mountain is surrounded by a rain forest. Mount Kenya stands at a height if 5895 meters above sea level.

Mount Kenya is a water tower and supply's 50% of the country's water supply and also serves as natural hydroelectric power generator. The communities around the mountain regard it as a holy mountain. Mount Kenya is very scenic and can be climbed to a minimal of four days.

Sirimon Route

Sirimon route approaches Mount Kenya from the north-west. The path splits on the moorlands, with the more frequently used by most climbers following the Mackinder Valley and the quieter route traversing into the Liki North Valley. The paths rejoin at Shipton's Cave just below Shipton's Camp on the Peak Circuit Path.

Naromoru Route

Naro Moru route is taken by many of the trekkers who try to reach Point Lenana. It can be ascended in only 3 days and has bunkhouses at each camp. The route starts at Naro Moru town to the west of the mountain and climbs towards Mackinder's Camp on the Peak Circuit Path. The terrain is usually good, although one section is called the Vertical Bog.

Chogoria Route

Chogoria route leads from Chogoria town up to the peaks circuit path. It heads through the forest to the south-east of the mountain to the moorland, with views over areas such as Ithanguni and the Giant's Billiards Table before following the Gorges Valley past the Temple and up to Simba Col below Point Lenana. The Mountain Club of Kenya claims that Ithanguni and the Giant's Billards Table offer some of the best hillwalking in Kenya.